SharePoint Slider – Search Results Webpart Template

I wanted a slider that looked a little different than the out-of-the-box one you can use with the content by search web part.  Finding this Article by Sharegate’s Yohan Belval proofed to be just the ticket.  I changed the CSS a little to adjust for larger images and modified the display template to point the path for the image to an additional URL site column I pulled into the library (I wanted to point to other websites, not the image display form …)

Please note the display template pulls the description field in by default, not the title.

Here is the section in the display template that I changed (see specifically the “‘URL’:’URLOWSURLH'” at the end of the section):

<mso:ManagedPropertyMapping msdt:dt="string">'Title':'Title','Path':'Path','Description':'Description','EditorOWSUSER':'EditorOWSUSER','LastModifiedTime':'LastModifiedTime','CollapsingStatus':'CollapsingStatus','DocId':'DocId','HitHighlightedSummary':'HitHighlightedSummary','HitHighlightedProperties':'HitHighlightedProperties','FileExtension':'FileExtension','ViewsLifeTime':'ViewsLifeTime','ParentLink':'ParentLink','FileType':'FileType','IsContainer':'IsContainer','SecondaryFileExtension':'SecondaryFileExtension','DisplayAuthor':'DisplayAuthor','PictureHeight':'PictureHeight','PictureWidth':'PictureWidth','ImageDateCreated':'ImageDateCreated','PictureThumbnailURL':'PictureThumbnailURL','PictureURL':'PictureURL','URL':'URLOWSURLH'

About Inge Rush

I love using SharePoint to create business solutions. I am not a SharePoint administrator or .net developer (although I dabble a bit). I just learn on-the-job as I solve problems.
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