Expand long list forms without using “Show More”

The SharePoint 2013 Tasks list didn’t show all fields. Instead one had to click “Show More” in order to see the complete set of fields to be updated. 

When creating the list, I wouldn’t have selected the fields if I didn’t think users should actually fill them out 🙂 , so I wanted to show the whole list by default.  I found this helpful discussion thread about a script that can be added to the Display or Edit Form page to show all data.  … just added a Content Editor web part and pointed to my script (I saved it in a library) and it worked like a charm 🙂

<script type="text/javascript">
    (function () {

About Inge Rush

I love using SharePoint to create business solutions. I am not a SharePoint administrator or .net developer (although I dabble a bit). I just learn on-the-job as I solve problems.
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2 Responses to Expand long list forms without using “Show More”

  1. Chet Anderson says:

    I found this post and tried the solution and it worked for me – great. I then tried using the “JS Link” property of the webpart (found at the bottom of the webpart properties under Misc) and found it can work without adding the Content Editor Web Part. Here is the path I typed into the “JS Link” ~site/SiteAssets/showmore.js . “showmore.js is the file name hold the javascript code. You need to strip out the http header and trailer in the code. See below.

    (function () { _spBodyOnLoadFunctionNames.push(“rlfiShowMore”); })();

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