Incorporate Ratings in your search results page

I wanted to enhance the search results of my support site to show the ratings field as well. I came upon this fantastic blog article by Steve Peschka. … worked very well.

Steve references an older name of the Ratings field.  Today this should be “ows_RatingsAverage”.

I didn’t see the Ratings Images, which are referenced in the article, in the default images provided by SharePoint.  I created them.  Feel free to copy them:

RatingsFilled.png RatingsHalf.png

Here is what the end-result looks like:

Sample Search Results Page

Sample Search Results Page


About Inge Rush

I love using SharePoint to create business solutions. I am not a SharePoint administrator or .net developer (although I dabble a bit). I just learn on-the-job as I solve problems.
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3 Responses to Incorporate Ratings in your search results page

  1. Rene Wagner says:

    Hi Inge,
    Question related to the above — In my environment I have the Ratings feature enabled (verified via Get-SPFeature Powershell command. And I can apply ratings to content. However, when I try to follow the steps to activate Ratings support in search, the property ows_RatingsAverage does not exist to where I can create a mapping to it.

    Did you have to do something special to get that to be available?


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