SharePoint 2010 – Create an Orderable List

I wanted to create a list I could order, that is where if I changed the 5th item to 1st place, the remaining items would automatically reorder themselves around it.  After much digging, I found the following solution (cobbled together from various posts …)

  1. Create a Custom List and save it as a template (List Settings > Save List as template)
  2. Go to the List Template Gallery of your Site Collection and download the template (.stp file) to your computer.
  3. Rename the .stp file to a “cab” extension
  4. Open the cab file
  5. Extract the “Manifest.xml” file
  6. Find the List element (it is the first element inside the UserLists element) and add OrderedList=TRUE” as an attribute. (Thanks Matthew Kendall).  Save the file
  7. Repackage the manfest.xml into a .cab file (various tools exist for purchase or for free (I used CAB Explorer Freeware))
  8. Change the file extension on the cab file back to .stp
  9. Upload the modified Site Template file to site templates
  10. Create a new list based on the template

As a final step, let’s add the Order Icon to the Ribbon UI (for detailed instructions please also see “Adding Custom Actions to the Ribbon UI in SharePoint 2010 Using SharePoint Designer 2010)

  1. Open the list in SharePoint Designer (Lists and Libraries)
  2. In the ribbon, in the New Group, select the “Custom Actions” drop-down and select “View Ribbon”
  3. Provide a name (e.g. Custom Order)
  4. Click on “Navigate to URL” and enter the following URL: YourSiteURL/_layouts/Reorder.aspx?List=YourListGUID.  (You can copy the list GUID by opening the list in the browser and clicking on List Settings in the Ribbon; copy the GUID after the “List=” in the URL)
  5. Add the small and large icon (I opened a links list and copied the icon found there in the Ribbon).
    Link that allows you to access the list order page

    Link that allows you to access the list order page

    Page that allows you to order the list items

    Page that allows you to order the list items

This should do it … enjoy 🙂


About Inge Rush

I love using SharePoint to create business solutions. I am not a SharePoint administrator or .net developer (although I dabble a bit). I just learn on-the-job as I solve problems.
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